SolarFlat solid form delivers high clarity ( transparency of glass ) combined with strength and Impact resistance. SolarFlat can be cold bent, Loricated or formed, also ideal as safety glazing and machine guards. Natural solar lighting penetration skylights and sidelights provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to relying soleiy on incandescent even fluorescent artificial lighting. KEY FEATURES High clarity and light transmission. High impact resistance, virtually unbreakable. Weather and uv resistant. Light weight, easy to handle and install. Acoustical insulation. Versatile, formable and machinable. Easy to clean. Temperature application range : – 20°C to 120°C. 10 years limited warranty against yellowing and breakage due to loss of Impack strength. TYPICAL APPLICATION OF SOLARFLAT Attractive domes, skylights, walkways,glazing in pu ic buildings, safety and security glazing. Protective shields for machines. Riots / Police shield. Sign boards, signage, and light fixtures. Thermoformed and fabricated items. Thickness : 0.6 mm to 6 mm Type : Plain and Textured Colours : Clear, Grey, and Bronze Informasi Detail: PT. CAHAYA BANGUN PERKASA Permata Candiloka Blok Y No. 3 Lantai 2 Candi – Sidoarjo Jawa Timur Telp. : 031-807 5625 Fax. : 031-807 3203 Website : Email. :