ATAP TRANSPARAN ALSYNITE ULTRA-COOL Product Description ATAP TRANSPARAN ALSYNITE ULTRA-COOLis a premium quality Fibre Reinforced Polyester (FRP) sheet with all the qualities of ALSYNITE ULTRA but with the added advantages of controlled solar heat transmission. It is identified by its ultra white finish. ATAP TRANSPARAN ALSYNITE ULTRA-COOLprovides an economical means of transmitting diffused natural light to the building interior, whilst at the same time reflecting unnecessary solar heat, resulting in substantial cost savings in lighting and cooling expenses. Key Features Excellent long term weathering characteristics Superior 25 Year warranty *conditions apply Non delaminating surface technology Resistant to degradation and embrittlement Outstanding surface erosion resistance Resistant to commonplace chemicals Superior long term diffused light properties Superior long term reduction of solar heat Provides substantial savings in energy costs Typical Applications Industrial and commercial skylights Building skylight sidings Nursery & retail areas Sports venues and shopping centre skylights Light diffusers Any building or structure requiring diffused light with minimum heat transmission Product Specifications Profiles Due to Alsynite’s global presence, we have an extensive range of profiles within our portfolio that matches most metal sheet profiles. Sheet Length Standard sheet lengths up to 11.9 meters. Other non-standard lengths are available subject to special order and shipping parameters. Weights 1800 gsm 2400 gsm 3050 gsm 3660 gsm 4880 gsm  The standard weight for industrial applications is 2400 gsm. For sheet weights not listed, please contact your nearest Alsynite distributor for further details. Nominal Thickness TBA Surface Coating World renowned improved UV protection film, and Ultra White film. 20 micron nominal thickness. Colors Only available in ultra white finish. Resin System Advanced general purpose grade orthophthalic polyester. Reinforcement “E” Class Fibre optic glass, at least 22% Light Transmission 36%  (Using 2400 gsm 1.5mm sheet) Thermal Conductivity Heat Distortion Temperature +180 to 200 Thermal Expansion 2.5 x 10-5 cm/cm/°C UV Resistance 100% Mechanical Properties PROPERTIES Flexural Strength Tensile Strength Shear Strength TEST VALUE 177MPa 94MPa 90MPa PROPERTIES Specific Gravity Compressive Strength Barcol Hardness TEST VALUE 1.41g/cm3 135MPa > 50 Physical Properties PROPERTIES Specific Gravity (gm/cc) Thermal Expansion (10-5cm/cm/°C) Water Absorption (%) TEST VALUE 1.41 2.2 0.52 to 0.60 PROPERTIES Thermal Conductivity (W/m°K) Heat Distortion Temperature (°C) Operating Temperatures (°C) TEST VALUE 0.158 +180 to 200 -20 to +95 Solar Optical Properties PROPERTIES Solar Transmittance Luminous Transmittance Diffused Light Transmission (%) ULTRA-WHITE 0.22 0.18 36 <tr style="outline: 0px none; vertical-align: baseline; border-width: 0px; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; backgro